Top 10 Online Birth Control Pharmacies of 2023

Birth control is an essential part of daily health care for many people, whether it’s for family planning, treating a condition like PCOS, or helping to control acne. But getting access to it can be frustrating and difficult. It often takes weeks — if not months — to get an appointment with an OB/GYN in order to get a prescription. Thanks to online pharmacies that provide birth control, however, the process can be much easier.

By ordering your birth control online, you can skip the often long wait to see a doctor in person. If you don’t have insurance, it also typically costs less out-of-pocket. You can even get the prescription delivered straight to your door and avoid the pharmacy altogether. You don’t have to forego medical care, either, as most online birth control pharmacies require a consult with a physician before writing and filling a prescription.

Still, ordering prescription medication online can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. You also need to ensure the pharmacy you’re going through is legitimate and safe. To help you navigate birth control online, we’ve researched and vetted over 30 of the best online pharmacies, compared costs, quality, and availability, and consulted a subject matter expert with an extensive nursing background.

Best Online Birth Control of 2023

Best for Ease of Use: Nurx


Key Specs

  • Cost: $25 consultation; $15+ per month for Rx (self-pay); free shipping
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes (annually)
  • Accepts Insurance? Yes (but does not submit claims for consultations at this time)

Why We Chose It

Nurx is affordable compared to other companies we reviewed, gives patients access to health care providers, is easy to use, and ships three months’ worth of birth control at a time.

Pros & Cons


  • Online medical consultation costs only $25
  • Automatic refills for one year
  • Available for ages 13 and up


  • Not available in every U.S. state yet
  • Generic medications may sometimes be swapped in for brand medications


If you’re looking for an online birth control pharmacy that’s super intuitive and affordable, you can’t go wrong with Nurx. All you have to do to get a 90-day supply of birth control is answer a few questions, set up an online consultation with a doctor, and decide what method and brand of birth control is right for you. Once the health care provider submits your prescription, you’ll receive three months’ worth of the medication within one to three days via USPS, and refills will be sent to you automatically for a full year. So unless you change your delivery settings, you can just set it and forget it.

For self-paying users, birth control medication starts as low as $15. While Nurx does accept insurance for birth control prescriptions, all users will have to pay $25 for their consultation, regardless of insurance status. This fee also includes the ability to message a provider as often as you need for a full year — which is helpful for general questions and if you decide you’d like to try another type of medication. Medication pricing varies based on what type of birth control you pick (pill, ring, patch, shot, or emergency birth control, such as Plan B) and your insurance.

Nurx is currently available in 34 states. It offers more than 50 different types of birth control options to patients over 13 years old (though some states require parental consent for birth control).

Best for Availability: Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy

Key Specs

  • Cost: $8+ for one month of medication (for self-pay)
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes (not offered through the company)
  • Accepts Insurance? Yes

Why We Chose It

Amazon Pharmacy stocks a huge selection of birth control options, from generic to name brand. Plus, Prime members get free two-day shipping on prescriptions.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of brands and birth control types available
  • Self-pay rates for most generic medications are very affordable
  • Displays the cost of medication with and without insurance


  • Requires a prescription from an outside health care provider
  • Must have a Prime membership to get shipping and some savings benefits


If you’re happy with your current health care provider, but just want an affordable way to get your birth control, then Amazon Pharmacy is the way to go. Since the company is so large, it has a wide range of birth control brands as well as generic types available, so you’ll be more likely to find your preferred brand of birth control in stock than you would at a smaller online company.

Unlike many of online pharmacies, Amazon Pharmacy does not offer consultations with a health care provider through its website, so you can stick with your current gynecologist or primary care physician. Simply have your provider send your prescription through, set up your insurance information (if you have it), and it will take care of the rest.

In addition to hormonal birth control pills, Amazon Pharmacy offers the hormone patch (which you wear on your skin for around 21 days), the shot (typically administered every three months to suppress ovulation, and must be given in a doctor’s office), and the ring (which contains hormones and is worn inside the vagina for up to a year — depending on the brand). Emergency contraception is also available (such as the generic form of Plan B One-Step, which you take after unprotected sex).

Amazon ships to patients in all 50 states and partners with most major insurance companies, so you’ll likely find what you’re looking for at a competitive price. Pricing does depend on what type and brand of birth control you choose, and whether or not you have insurance. However, there won’t be surprises when it’s time to check out, because Amazon clearly lists the cost if you’re self-paying or if you are using your specific insurance.

While you do not have to be a Prime member to use Amazon Pharmacy, a Prime membership does come with the benefit of medication discounts and free two-day shipping. Either way, though, you can arrange to have your birth control shipped in three-month supplies that auto-renew.

Best for Acne Control: Twentyeight Health

Twenty Eight

Key Specs

  • Cost: $26 annual fee (includes provider consultation); $18+ for birth control (self-pay)
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? Yes

Why We Chose It

Twentyeight Health offers a number of hormonal birth control brands and types that are typically prescribed to help fight acne. The variety available allows you the freedom to try different types of medication to find the one that works best.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited messaging with provider
  • Emergency contraception available
  • Self-pay starts as low as $18 per month for birth control
  • Sees patients as young as 13 in many states


  • Only available in 34 states (and D.C.) at this time
  • Must email customer service in order to cancel your account


In addition to preventing pregnancy, another benefit of hormonal birth control is that it sometimes can help control acne. It does so by balancing out the increased production of the hormone androgen (particularly during puberty) with the hormones estrogen and progestin. However, a big part of determining whether or not the medication will help clear up your skin is figuring out which specific medicine works best with your unique body and hormone levels. Twentyeight Health offers several brands of birth control that have been shown to help reduce acne.

You’ll have to pay a $26 annual fee to use the service, but that includes a medical consultation with a provider to get a prescription for your birth control as well as unlimited messaging with a provider for a full year. So, if you have questions or concerns about your birth control, or want to try a different kind, Twentyeight Health has you covered.

You can also choose to skip the consultation by moving an existing prescription over to Twentyeight Health (but you’ll still have to pay the $26 fee). The cost of birth control depends on insurance and the brand. For self-paying users, medication starts as low as $18 per month, when bought as a multipack.

Birth control through Twentyeight Health is available for patients as young as 13 (though minimum age limits vary and parental consent may be required in certain states) in 34 states, plus the District of Columbia.

Self-paying patients can choose to have one month of medication delivered at a time, but there’s also the option to get three, six, or even 12 packs in one shipment — the more you purchase at once, the higher your discount. For patients using insurance, Twentyeight Health will supply you with medication for as many months as your plan allows. Medication is typically delivered in three to five business days with free shipping.

Best for Insured People: PlushCare

Plush Care

Key Specs

  • Cost: $14.99 membership fee; $129 initial consult (self-pay); $69 repeat consults (self-pay); $0 to $50 per month for birth control
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? Yes

Why We Chose It

PlushCare requires a consultation in order to get a prescription for birth control — however, unlike some other platforms we reviewed, PlushCare is in-network with multiple major insurers, reducing the cost of consultation to a copay. We also like that it partners with several major insurance companies, making it accessible to more people.

Pros & Cons


  • Accepts insurance for provider consultation
  • Can add family members without additional monthly fee
  • Same-day appointments available


  • Home delivery not available (must pick up at a local pharmacy)
  • $14.99 monthly membership fee after the first month
  • Emergency contraception not available


The downside to many online birth control companies is that they require a consultation with a health care provider, but they don’t allow customers to pay for this consultation with insurance. PlushCare, on the other hand, will file the required health care provider consult through your plan so that you only have to pay a copay (as opposed to $129 out of pocket). It partners with some of the most common insurance providers, too, including Humana, Aetna, and United Healthcare.

You’ll have to set up a membership account to get birth control, which is free for the first 30 days, and then $14.99 per month moving forward. But you get a lot of bang for your buck: With the membership, you have access to same-day appointments seven days a week, unlimited messaging with a care team, prescription discount cards, discounts on lab tests, and free memberships for family members.

After setting up your membership, you’ll schedule an appointment with a provider who will discuss different birth control options with you and decide what method would be the best fit. The provider will then send your prescription to a local pharmacy (PlushCare does not ship medications) where you can pick it up — often within the same day.

For patients with insurance, birth control pricing is based on your plan but can be as low as $0. For self-paying users, the cost will depend on the birth control brand and method, but generally should be no more than $50 per month.

PlushCare providers can prescribe birth control in the form of the pill, the shot, the ring, or the patch. Providers can also prescribe an IUD (intrauterine device) or implants, but these methods will require you to visit a doctor in person in order to have them inserted. Emergency contraception such as the morning-after pill is not available through PlushCare.

Best for Auto Refills: Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health

Key Specs

  • Cost: $25 consultation; $15+ prescription
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? No, but accepts FSA/HSA payments

Why We Chose It

Lemonaid Health doesn’t partner with insurance companies, so it’s able to set prices at out-of-pocket rates that are lower or on par with those of other companies we reviewed.

Pros & Cons


  • Three-month supply of birth control shipped at one time, with automatic refills up to a year
  • Consultation fee is refunded if you can’t get the birth control you need
  • Option to have prescriptions shipped to you or sent to a local pharmacy


  • Clients using insurance to cover medication costs must pick up at a local pharmacy
  • Only serves ages 18–56
  • Does not ship on Sundays


It’s always easier when you can get prescriptions in 90-day supply rather than 30-day supply, and that’s exactly what Lemonaid Health provides — with automatic refills for up to one year. It also has great prices on more than 100 birth control options available on its site. Unlike a lot of other online birth control platforms, Lemonaid Health’s mail-order pharmacy does not partner with a insurance company, which allows it to set lower prices than some of its competitors. However, you are still able to use your insurance for coverage of certain medications, which will be sent to your local pharmacy for pickup.

To get a birth control prescription through Lemonaid Health, you’ll need to put in a request for a consultation with one of its health care providers, which costs $25 (whether you have insurance or not). Lemonaid Health aims to respond to all consultation requests within 24 business hours.

Once you’ve had your consultation, you’ll get a one-year prescription for either the pill, the ring, or the patch (whichever you and your provider decide on). If you’re interested in emergency contraception, your one-time provider consultation will be $15. You can also get a three-month supply of birth control delivered to your home. All of these ship free via Lemonaid Health’s mail-order service. To make it even more convenient, your prescriptions will automatically renew up to one year, so that by the time you run out of your first batch, you’ll have a new shipment ready and waiting.

Best for Emergency Contraception: SimpleHealth

Simple Health

Key Specs

  • Cost: $20 consultation; $15+ per month for birth control (self-pay); $0–$27 for emergency contraception
  • Medical Consultation Required: Yes, for birth control (not required for emergency contraception)
  • Accepts Insurance: Yes

Why We Chose It

SimpleHealth offers prescription emergency contraception at no cost to most users with insurance. Patients who self-pay can skip the trip to the pharmacy, too, because Simple Health makes it quick and easy to buy Plan B online.

Pros & Cons


  • $0 emergency contraception (ella) for insured members
  • Easily adjusted birth control prescription helps you find the right fit
  • Free shipping and automatic refills


  • ella is not provided for free to self-paying patients
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare are not currently accepted


In order for emergency contraception to be effective, it needs to be taken in a timely manner, so it’s a good idea to either keep some on hand or have a plan to get some quickly if needed. If you’re looking for easy access to emergency contraception, then SimpleHealth is an excellent option. In addition to offering more than 145 birth control brands, it also provides insured patients with the prescription emergency contraception medication ella for free. If you’re not insured, SimpleHealth makes it quick and easy to purchase Plan B, an over-the-counter emergency contraception, online for under $30.

You’ll need to set up an account and schedule a consultation with a health care provider to use SimpleHealth’s birth control services. This consultation costs $20, whether you have insurance or not, but comes with one year of access to a provider and a patient care team that you can contact whenever you have questions about your medication. You can choose between birth control pills, the patch, or the ring; a month of medication costs as low as $0 for insured patients and starts at $15 out of pocket.

Once your doctor has written your prescription, the medication will be shipped to your home for free. Your birth control medication will automatically arrive at your door four to seven business days before you’re scheduled to run out of your current supply. (If needed, you can adjust your refill and shipping preferences through your account.)

If you don’t like the brand or method of birth control you were originally prescribed, you can let your doctor know any time, but Simple Health will also check in 45 days after your consultation to ensure you’re doing well with what was prescribed — a welcome and unique customer service perk in this industry.

It’s important to note that timing is essential for emergency contraception to be effective. The sooner you take it after having unprotected sex, the better.

Best for Birth Control Pills: LetsGetChecked

Lets Get Checked

Key Specs

  • Cost: $0 assessment; $10+ medication
  • Medical Consultation Required? No
  • Accepts Insurance? No

Why We Chose It

The only birth control method LetsGetChecked prescribes is pills, but it sells them at a lower out-of-pocket cost than any of the other companies we reviewed. Each brand is clearly priced on the website and offers important information that will help ensure you are getting the best fit.

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable rates compared to others we reviewed
  • Each medication has a small profile that allows users to learn more about it
  • No consultation fee


  • No emergency contraception available
  • Harder to get in touch with providers
  • Does not accept insurance


LetsGetChecked is a great online option for someone who knows the pill is their preferred method of birth control and prefers to pay an affordable out-of-pocket cost. Unlike many other platforms, LetsGetChecked currently only offers generic oral contraception, which can make it less expensive.

Getting a birth control script through LetsGetChecked is relatively easy: Simply set up an account and then fill out a free online assessment (which takes the place of the consultation that many other online birth control pharmacies require).

After that, a provider will review it to ensure your needs will be met with one of the birth control options available on the site; if not, they will call you to discuss further. If everything looks good, though, they’ll write a prescription and you’ll get a three-month supply of pills shipped to your home. Your prescription will automatically renew every three months for one year so that you don’t run out of medication.

LetsGetChecked does not partner with any insurance providers and will not send prescriptions to a local pharmacy, so everything is self-pay through the site. The cost of a pack of birth control varies based on brand and availability, but pricing is always clearly marked and you can purchase some brands for as little as $11 per month.

It is important to note, however, that since the online assessment takes the place of a one-on-one consultation with a provider, getting in touch with a medical professional outside the assessment may be difficult through this platform. So, if a virtual consult is important to you, you might want to get your birth control pills elsewhere.

Best for Sexual Health Needs: Hers


Key Specs

  • Cost: $0 consultation; $12 monthly membership fee; $5 follow-up medical visits
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? No

Why We Chose It

Hers stocks everything you might be looking for to maintain your sexual health needs, from lube to birth control pills to sex toys.

Pros & Cons


  • Free consultation
  • Available to teens 13+ (with parental consent)
  • Option to message your provider outside of appointments


  • Does not partner with any insurance company
  • Pricing information is difficult to find online
  • Emergency contraception not available


If you’re hoping to get everything you need to have safe (and fun) sex all in one place, Hers is that store. It has a robust list of generic birth control pill options, as well as a decent selection of lube, sex toys, and condoms.

What’s more, every shipment from Hers comes delivered in a plain brown box with an “h” printed on one side of it. The only other indicator that the package is from Hers is on the shipping label— and there is no way to tell what’s actually inside the box without opening it.

Hers is great online birth control option for someone who is looking specifically for generic pills and doesn’t plan to pay for birth control through insurance. To get started, you’ll fill out an online assessment and then have a consultation with a health care provider, which, unlike many other companies we researched, is free of charge.

The provider will write a prescription that you can fill through Hers, but you’ll need to be on a subscription plan in order to do so. Starting at $12 per month, a Hers subscription for birth control includes automatic refills for a year and follow-up appointments should you have any questions or concerns about your birth control. Once you’re set up with a prescription, the plan you opt for will align with how often your birth control is shipped to you. For instance, if you signed up for a monthly plan, then you’ll get a one-month supply of birth control at a time. Plans and prescriptions auto-renew, so your next delivery of birth control will ship six days before you’re scheduled to need it.

If you need to schedule a follow-up virtual visit after your initial consultation, you’ll only be charged $5. Shipping is always free.

Best for Medical Support: Blink Health

Blink Health

Key Specs

  • Cost: $10 for consultation and first month of certain medications; $9.95 monthly subscription fee + cost of refills for subsequent months
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? No

Why We Chose It

Blink Health offers a variety of generic birth control pill options to members who have had a consultation with a health care provider. After the initial consultation, members can contact the provider through a message portal any time they have questions.

Pros & Cons


  • Low monthly subscription price
  • Free shipping
  • Emergency contraception available


  • Must pay monthly subscription fee + the cost of medication
  • Not available in every state
  • Consults for birth control only available for ages 18–49


Quick and easy access to a gynecologist is a privilege not everyone has, so the fact that Blink Health gives you the option to establish a relationship with a telehealth provider with unlimited online messaging is exceptional.

First, you’ll fill out a medical assessment form and then meet with a board-certified provider to discuss the different pill options available. After the prescription has been written and filled, you can reach out to your provider at any time to ask questions about the medication they prescribed. This is especially helpful for people who are new to birth control and trying to figure out which one works best with their body.

Subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis for $9.95, plus the cost of the prescription, with the exception of the first month which costs $10 (for select medications) and includes unlimited doctor consultations.

All of the birth control pills offered through Blink Health prescribers and the BlinkRx online pharmacy are generics and thus cost less than a brand name, which may be particularly useful for folks without insurance. However, birth control pills can only be shipped to 17 states through BlinkRx.

Exact prescription pricing will depend on the medication you’re prescribed and the dosage that your provider suggests (e.g., a one-month or three-month supply). Medications ship free and discreetly to your home (or can be picked up at a local pharmacy), and automatic refills mean your birth control should arrive each month before it’s time to start a new pack of pills.

Blink Health’s birth control subscription is currently self-pay only and is not available for people under 18 or over 49. However, if you have insurance and already have a prescription for birth control from an established provider, BlinkRx can fill and ship your medication to your home every month while ensuring you pay the lowest possible price based on your insurance plan.

Best for Education: GoodRx

Good RX

Key Specs

  • Cost: $9.99 per month membership for individual plan ($19.99 for a family plan); $19+ doctor visits for members; $49 doctor visits for non-members; $7+ medication
  • Medical Consultation Required? Yes
  • Accepts Insurance? No

Why We Chose It

We like GoodRx not only because it helps you pay the best possible price for medications (even without insurance), but because it also allows you to learn a lot about them as well as how online pharmacies work in general, thanks to its frequently-updated blog. Plus, its app offers quick access to providers any time you have a question about your medication.

Pros & Cons


  • GoodRx Gold allows you to pick up prescriptions at a local pharmacy or have them shipped to you
  • 30-day free trial membership
  • Offers prescriptions for pills, patch, ring, shot, and emergency contraception


  • Not every pharmacy partners with GoodRx Gold for local pickup
  • Cannot be combined with insurance


GoodRx is a combination online pharmacy and health publication where you can learn practically anything you want to know about health conditions and treatments, from how to manage PCOS to the difference between over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

GoodRx’s pharmacy is all about affordability. A GoodRx Gold membership gives you access to affordable doctor visits, up to 90{2c3a8711102f73ee058d83c6a8025dc7f37722aad075054eaafcf582b93871a0} savings on prescription prices (though generic brands will likely be the most affordable), and free delivery of certain prescriptions, in addition to the ability to research pricing in your area. You will have any-time access to doctor visits for as low as $19 each, and you can message your provider through their app any time you have a question about your medication or your health.

You can get started with a GoodRx Gold membership with a free 30-day trial. After the month is over, you’ll pay $9.99 per month for an individual plan or $19.99 for a family plan for up to six family members, friends, and even pets!

In order to get a prescription for birth control, you’ll need to set up a consultation so that a provider can review your health information and determine the best option for your needs. From there, you can either have your prescription sent to a local pharmacy that accepts GoodRx Gold (not all do) or have medication shipped to your home.

While GoodRx offers low prices and makes health care and prescription medications more accessible, the company is not without flaws. In 2023, the FTC said the company had leaked private patient information to Google and Facebook. However, the situation has been settled in court and the company is now barred from “sharing users” health information for advertising purposes.

Final Verdict

Nurx is our top pick for ease of use because the site is intuitive to navigate, it accepts insurance, most medications are affordable, and it has a wide selection of brand and method options. We also appreciate that patients as young as 13 can get birth control via the platform (with a parent’s permission where required), with unlimited access to a healthcare provider when they have questions.

In addition, we like PlushCare for patients who want to take advantage of their insurance benefits and SimpleHealth for accessible emergency contraception.

Compare the Best Online Birth Control

Company Cost Medical Consultation Required? Accepts Insurance? Free Shipping?
Best for Ease of Use

$25 consultation; $15+ per month for Rx (self-pay) Yes Yes Yes
Best for Availability Amazon Pharmacy $8+ for one month of medication (self-pay) Yes Yes Yes, for Prime members
Best for Acne Control Twentyeight Health $20 annual fee (includes provider consultation); $16+ for birth control (self-pay) Yes Yes Yes
Best for Insured People PlushCare $14.99 membership fee; $129 initial consult (self-pay); $69 repeat consults (self-pay), $0 to $50 per month for birth control Yes Yes No, pharmacy pick-up only
Best for Emergency Contraception

$20 consultation; $15+ per month for standard birth control (self-pay); $0 to $27 for emergency contraception Yes Yes Yes
Best for Auto Refills

Lemonaid Health
$25 consultation; $15+ prescription Yes No Yes
Best for Birth Control Pills

$0 assessment; $10+ medication Yes No Yes
Best for Sexual Health Needs

$0 consultation; $12 monthly fee; $5 follow-up medical visits Yes No Yes
Best for Medical Support

Blink Health
$10 for consultation and first month membership; $9.95 monthly subscription + cost of refills Yes No Yes
Best for Education

$9.99 per month membership (individual plan); $19.99 (family plan); $19+ doctor visits for members; $49 doctor visits for non-members; $7+ medication Yes No Yes

Guide to Choosing the Best Online Birth Control

Are Birth Control Pills Right For Me?

While birth control can be very beneficial for some people, not all types of birth control are right for everyone. For instance, those with a history of stroke, heart attacks, or blood clots — as well as current tobacco smokers — may experience unsafe side effects from hormonal birth control, and should consult a doctor or gynecologist for safer ways to prevent pregnancy, treat PCOS, or control acne.

If you’re experiencing any kind of pain or unexplained bleeding, it’s best to get assessed in person. Additionally, IUDs and implants require insertion by a medical professional, so these types of birth control typically aren’t prescribed by online birth control companies — and if they are, they still require an in-person visit to a doctor.

How to Compare the Best Online Birth Control Companies

In order to choose the best online birth control company for yourself, there are several key factors to consider, including:

  • Cost:Whether you’re self-paying or paying with insurance, there will likely be costs associated with any online birth control company — it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to spend money on. Do you have to pay a recurring monthly membership? Is there a premium for certain brands of birth control or a discount for generics? If there is a consultation or membership fee, what comes with it?
  • Insurance: Most birth control prescriptions are covered in full by the majority of healthcare plans. If you have a prescription not fully covered under the Affordable Care Act, you’ll likely pay less through a company that allows customers to pay through insurance.
  • Shipping fees and speed: If you’re paying a high monthly shipping cost, then that could cancel out prescription savings. Pay attention to delivery costs to ensure you’re not overpaying. Additionally, it’s important to factor in processing and shipping speed, because you don’t want a gap in medication if you’re using birth control for family planning purposes (especially for birth control pills).
  • Medical consultation accessibility: In order to get a prescription filled online, you’ll either need to see a doctor virtually or have an active prescription from your gynecologist or GP. If you’re hoping to get this consultation handled with a quick telehealth appointment, make sure that platform you’re using offers this service. Also, find out if you can message the provider after the consultation if you have questions about your prescription.
  • Birth control method and brand options: Generic brand birth control is the most budget-friendly option, but if you need a name-brand medication, then it’s important to use a company that offers this. Additionally, not every company offers birth control patches, shots, or rings, so if you’re interested in a method besides the hormonal birth control pill, then find a platform that offers more options.
  • Emergency contraception: If having emergency contraception on hand is important to you, then it’s definitely something to consider when looking for online birth control pharmacies, as this method of birth control isn’t offered at each one.
  • Ease of switching medications: If you’re just starting birth control for the first time or unhappy with your current prescription, it may take a little trial and error to find the right medication. As you search for your perfect fit, you’ll likely need to switch brands (and possibly methods), so you’ll want a service that makes this process quick and easy.

It’s important to vet an online birth control service because quality can vary. “Many online pharmacies aren’t properly regulated,” says Lindsay Modglin, who was a nurse for a decade and is now a current health writer. “They may sell medications that are fake, expired, or counterfeit.”

That being said, you should feel safe and confident when you’re ordering birth control through a reputable company. Modglin notes that an upstanding company will require the same prescription information that an in-person pharmacy would — regardless of whether the prescription came from a provider inside or outside its own company. Additionally, she says, “It should also verify the credentials of its online doctors and require customers to complete an online medical questionnaire before dispensing medications.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills are the most commonly prescribed method of birth control in the U.S. due to their overall effectiveness. Oral contraceptives come in three forms: combined estrogen-progesterone, progesterone-only, and continuous or extended use. Additionally, emergency contraception also comes in the form of a pill — often called “the morning-after pill.”

With the exception of emergency contraception, birth control pills are taken daily and work to prevent ovaries from releasing eggs and/or slow the egg’s progress through the fallopian tubes, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg.

What Kind of Birth Control Can You Get Online?

Common birth control options you can find online include pills (including emergency contraception), patches, rings, and shots. You may also find companies that offer condoms. As mentioned above, most online birth control companies don’t offer IUDs or implants (though some online pharmacies will still fill the prescription if it comes from an outside doctor). Every company has its own unique variation of offerings.

Are You Required to Have a Medical Consultation to Receive Birth Control?

Aside from over-the-counter emergency contraception, birth control medication does require a prescription from a doctor — so, ideally, yes, you should have a visit with your provider before receiving birth control. If that’s not possible, it’s a good idea to at least have a virtual consult with a healthcare professional via the platform you get your prescription from, just to make sure your health history is taken into consideration and that you’re receiving the best option for your current needs. Plus, there’s a risk in taking any medication, so you should be able to ask questions and have your concerns answered.

“Most birth control options have risks and side effects that must be discussed with a doctor to weigh the benefits against the harm,” says Modglin. “The same applies to any medication you take, whether obtained online or at a traditional retail pharmacy.”

Does Medical Insurance Cover Online Birth Control?

A condition under the American Care Act (often referred to as “Obamacare”) is that insurance providers must cover FDA-approved contraceptives that are prescribed by a doctor (there are some exceptions to this rule, however). Whether or not your insurance will cover a telehealth consultation depends on your plan, but — assuming your health benefits do not come from an exempt employer — your medication should be free of charge, even if your appointment isn’t covered.


To create this list, we researched more than a dozen online birth control pharmacies and considered factors such as accessibility, cost, birth control method options, brand selection, and whether or not they accept insurance, among others. Additionally, we consulted with our subject matter expert, Lindsay Modglin, a former nurse and current health writer with a decade of experience, and only considered companies that require a doctor consultation or current prescription to mail out medication. Finally, we categorized and evaluated companies based on common customer needs.

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