Most expensive and cheapest dog breeds in the UK revealed

It really is accurate that, as a nation, we are unable to get adequate of our animals and we would do just about anything for them – no make any difference what sizing or form they occur in. 

But between vet expenditures, food, insurance and general upkeep, our favorite furry friends can cost an complete fortune.

Regardless of whether you happen to be searching to add 4 paws to your loved ones or you might be curious to see if your pop make helps make the listing, Sambla has crunched the numbers for you. 

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The researchers appeared at several metrics which includes the expense of insurance, once-a-year booster injection, qualified grooming and foodstuff to identify how considerably your canine would charge you more than a life time.

They also thought of one particular-off costs like the average cost per breed and the initial vaccine study course.

Prior to analysing the costs in general over the canine‘s life time, Sambla broke down the knowledge to see which breeds had been the most and least expensive to obtain.

Most high priced pet breeds to buy 

Here are the top five most highly-priced doggy breeds to acquire, according to their average expenditures:

  • Italian Greyhound – £3,500
  • Samoyed – £3,000
  • Bernese Mountain Pet – £2,688
  • Chow Chow – £2,663
  • Irish Wolfhound – £2,500

Five the very least pricey doggy breeds to acquire

On the flip side, here are the most economical doggy breeds to order:

  • Greyhound – £600
  • Lurcher – £647
  • Bedlington Terrier – £800
  • Jack Russell – £884
  • Presa Canario – £886

Most high priced dog breeds to very own in the British isles over its life time

Glasgow Times: Here are the 20 most affordable dog breeds to own in the UK . ( Sambla)Here are the 20 most cost-effective pet breeds to own in the UK . ( Sambla) (Image: Sambla)

Tibetan Mastiff

Clinching the major location, the most high priced pet dog breed to individual around its life time was the Tibetan Mastiff.

The affectionate breed can price doggy house owners a staggering £31,530 on average across their 13-yr daily life span.

They are a person of the most pricey to invest in as a dog, costing an regular of £2,333. but their food fees are also particularly expensive, costing on regular £1,079 for every annum.


In second position, Newfoundlands are a quite huge breed that boasts a expensive whole value of possession on average as well.

The breed can weigh wherever between 55-80 kg, which points out the about £1,200 you will have to spend on food stuff every single 12 months.

On prime of this, entrepreneurs want to look at the practically £500 a 12 months it prices to get this lovely breed skillfully groomed.

These are just some of the factors for why the regular price of a Newfoundland more than its life span is £28,332.


The Mastiff, also recognised as the English Mastiff, will come in as the 3rd most expensive dog breed.

On average, Mastiffs cost close to £1,525 to acquire and considering the fact that they weigh in at about 71kg,  their food does not come affordable.

In fact, their meals bill expenditures their people a whopping £1,549 for every annum.

It’s significant to be aware that they don’t require qualified grooming which helps the price range considerably. Over its 11-year lifespan, the lovely canines charge approximately £27,330 to search just after.

Here are the 20 most affordable breeds and the overall value of possession over their life span – is yours on the record?

20 most economical canine breeds to personal in the UK 

Glasgow Times: Here are the 20 most affordable dog breeds to own in the UK . ( Sambla)Below are the 20 most inexpensive pet dog breeds to individual in the UK . ( Sambla) (Graphic: Sambla)

On the other facet of the scale, the pet dog breed with the most economical ownership cost is the Patterdale Terrier. 

With a 13.5 year existence expectancy, these adorable canines you should not require skillfully groomed and will expense £99 a 12 months to feed. 

The Border Terrier follows in second posture with an average overall possession cost of £6365.

In the third location, Jack Russell value their entrepreneurs £884 to acquire on regular, they will not require professionally groomed and their food items monthly bill normally operates out to be £153 a year.

Animal charity Woodgreen spokesperson, Tatian Coelho, said “The cost of proudly owning a pet dog can differ greatly dependent on the breed.

“Generally speaking, greater breeds have a tendency to incur better food stuff expenses, while breeds vulnerable to clinical issues this sort of as Pugs and French Bulldogs may well have better insurance charges.”

She extra: “We suggest likely pet entrepreneurs to do their exploration on the particular requirements and opportunity expenses involved with a specific breed before bringing a new furry companion into their dwelling.

“This will make sure that they are absolutely geared up to offer the best care probable for their new pet.’’