Keep Going With The New Priority Health Fitness Court

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Free public access to exercise is essential to keep any community going and The City of Grand Rapids, Priority Health and the National Fitness Campaign recognize this.  They came together to create the Priority Health Fitness Court at Ottawa Hills Park in Grand Rapids.  Priority Health and the National Fitness Campaign are working together statewide to make high quality workouts free and accessible to anyone.  Also helping to fund the Fitness Court was support from Meijer and Grand Rapids Public Schools. 

The Priority Health Fitness Court is inviting and open to anyone.  It is designed to implement the participants body weight for a full work out.  The court is designed for all ages and levels of fitness.  You can workout at the court by yourself or in groups as there is opportunities for local volunteers to lead classes for group workouts or sessions.  There is also a free app that you can download while using the fitness court that has a platform like that of an actual fitness coach.  

The Fitness Court in Ottawa Hills Park is 1 of at least 18 Priority Health Fitness Courts that will be made.  This is thanks to the partnership that Priority Health and the National Fitness Campaign have made.  The National Fitness Campaign currently is supporting initiatives like this one over 150 cities in America.  That is including Michigan cities like Madison heights, Highland Park, Lansing, Big Rapids, Traverse City, Saginaw, and now Grand Rapids.  Thanks to their support there is now 250 Fitness Courts across the country.  By the end of this year the National Fitness campaign will have projects in over 1,000 cities.   

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