Group urges Biden to back rehab, not drug use sites for addicts

A new coalition preventing drug dependancy is urging President Biden to oppose controversial government-licensed injection web-sites exactly where junkies can shoot up — and as a substitute provide addicts the recovery procedure afforded his son, Hunter Biden.

The team — an umbrella corporation consisting of 21 groups like Moms Versus Drug Habit and Fatalities — unveiled cellular digital ads in DC Monday with a picture of a mom of a homeless fentanyl addict declaring, “Please Assistance My Son Escape Dependancy the Way You Helped Hunter.”

New York Metropolis has two government-licensed, supervised consumption internet sites identified as “overdose prevention facilities.”

The team mentioned other metropolitan areas this sort of as Philadelphia are trying to find federal waivers from federal prohibition to work sanctioned drug use web-sites.

The adverts are aimed at persuading Biden and his Justice Office to reject “supervised drug consumption web sites,” where taxpayer-funded health care employees aid anybody around 18 to inject or smoke fentanyl and other hard medication. The objective of the consumption sites is to reduce drug overdose fatalities.

The debate arrives amid report fentanyl-linkedoverdose deaths in New York City and throughout the nation. The artificial opioid is at minimum 50 instances extra impressive than morphine and flows into the states from the southern border.

New York City has two “overdose prevention centers" — including one in East Harlem.
New York City has two “overdose avoidance centers” — which includes one particular in East Harlem.
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“We as a coalition urge President Biden to reject these web-sites in favor of first generating a recovery-targeted procedure for addressing our addiction crisis,” the Coalition reported in a statement on the organization’s new internet site, “This signifies we must allocate enough funding for evidence-centered intervention, therapy, and recovery programs.” 

Jacqui Berlinn, the mother in the ad with her photographs of her addicted son, said, “The rationale I’m doing this is mainly because I’m concerned that if Biden legalizes these so-named `supervised drug use websites, he will consign my son, and tens of millions like him, to a existence of addiction and homelessness.”

“The U.S. demands an dependancy treatment technique whose objective is restoration from dependancy, not enabling addiction. We reduced cigarette cigarette smoking by eradicating unique areas for men and women to smoke, not by producing them. People recover from habit in rehab clinics, not in bars.

The group urged Biden to support the same drug rehab clinics that helped his son Hunter overcome addiction.
The group urged Biden to aid the similar drug rehab clinics that helped his son Hunter defeat addiction.

The mother activist ongoing, “President Biden is actively thinking of denying my son the treatment that he rightly fought for decades for his son Hunter to receive. Right now, Hunter is in restoration from his years-long alcoholic beverages and cocaine habit. Does President Biden believe that that Hunter would have been better off nowadays had the town of Los Angeles despatched him to a government drug use website as a substitute of rehab?”

In the photograph applied of her in the advert, Berlinn said she was protesting San Francisco’s supervised drug use web-site with other users of our Mothers against Drug Dependancy and Demise, very last year.

She mentioned that San Francisco Mayor London Breed closed down a licensed drug use final thirty day period pursuing the protests and California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the legalization of governing administration drug web pages throughout California.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene claimed staffers have helped intervene in over 670 overdoses since the centers opened.
The New York City Department of Overall health and Mental Cleanliness claimed staffers have served intervene in in excess of 670 overdoses since the facilities opened.
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“It’s time for a improve. It is time for Biden to publicly declare that he will not legalize authorities drug dens and as a substitute will create the dependancy recovery procedure that The united states wants,” Berlinn said.

But the New York City Office of Wellness and Mental Cleanliness claims the two Significant Apple supervised injection internet sites have been a achievements in curbing overdoses. The sites have been employed around 52,000 occasions by 2,227 drug consumers from November of 2021 by means of 2022.

“Staffers have intervened in more than 670 overdoses to avert probable injury or death. Through this time time period, crisis professional medical providers were being activated 10 periods in response to overdose activities, and there have been zero fatalities,” the office explained in a new launch.