Experts reveal how the pressure of a healthy lifestyle could be having the opposite effect

About the earlier few decades wellness traits have grown in level of popularity – from yoga and meditation to gut-pleasant foodstuff. 

And while being invested in seeking after our physical and psychological wellness is a excellent point, gurus have questioned if the fixation and continuous bombardment on self-improvement actually building us pleased. 

Everyday living mentor and NLP practitioner Rob Brennan informed FEMAIL: ‘The pattern of seeking extra, wanting to be happier, seeking to glimpse excellent and to have the perfect life, is ironically creating deep rooted unhappiness and discontent.’ 

And from reducing out food teams to take in ‘cleanly’ to tucking into protein bars, experts stated there are a selection of different methods subsequent wellness tendencies could be damaging your overall body.

In this article FEMAIL reveals the 4 developments not to follow…

Life coach and NLP practitioner Rob Brennan, from London, told FEMAIL the four different wellness trends which could actually be damaging your health - including eating protein bars (stock image)

Lifetime mentor and NLP practitioner Rob Brennan, from London, explained to FEMAIL the four distinct wellness traits which could actually be harmful your health and fitness – which include ingesting protein bars (stock graphic)  


According to Rob, a positivity overload, as in pretending every thing is okay when it is just not and attempting to dismiss life’s ups and downs, can in fact have a destructive effect on our mental wholesome. 

This the specialist cash as ‘toxic positivity’, which he claimed has come from ‘hijacking of superior psychological wellness advice and strategies by the uninformed influencers’ as very well as journals, the media and celebrities.  

When ‘good vibes only please’ or ‘I choose to encompass myself with constructive folks only as I really don’t want to be dragged down’ sound like optimistic principles, they pressure us to dismiss disappointment or discomfort since it really is unsettling.  

He makes use of the example of telling people it really is okay not to be ok though sporting a new ‘good vibes only’ hoody to illustrate how this can ship men and women combined messages and place folks off discussing difficult matters.

He claimed: ‘Life is not all superior vibes at all, it is really hard, difficult, tiring and has ups and downs all the way from start to complete pretending it is all great vibes and silencing ourselves and others with toxic positivity sales opportunities to unhappiness, anxiousness and ache.

‘I assume I’ll get a hoody designed “good vibes only” on the front then “toxic positivity – building people today feed undesirable for experience sad” on the back, I feel it’ll promote effectively as soon as individuals get it.’

No one particular is beneficial all the time it is not normal to be so, absolutely everyone has trials and struggles and this should really be normalised. 

The life coach stated that everyone struggles from time to time but when people today come to feel on the outside the house or not normal due to the fact they are sad, they will not automatically get the help that they have to have. 

Rob claimed: ‘Whilst modern society and social media continues to be riddled with poisonous positivity, the crystal clear message to those people who are not ok is that it is quite significantly not okay and that no one desires to hear about it if you aren’t.’ 


Unpacking wellness more, Rob described how several people today can sense insufficient when confronted with photographs of what ‘wellness’ and ‘happiness’ appears to be like.  

He explained: ‘These images are just unattainable to the vast vast majority and they are developed in solely wrong scenarios where by fact is a distant thought.’ 

‘It can choose hours to generate the proper the shot, irrespective of whether it be the excellent plate of food stuff or position on a yoga mat, when in actuality some people today could not have the time to engage in a full yoga session initial matter or the income to obtain in the ‘best wellness foods’.  

What individuals do not see is the deleted pictures that weren’t appropriate or what they glance like unfiltered, or what they take in 90 for every cent of the time. 

Rob desires to remind individuals that wellness ‘is not associated with precise joy and well being but with the perception of it, and these two items are very unique.’

He warns that sharing shots of ‘healthy lifestyle’, whether it be foodstuff, work out, or using time for by yourself are heading toward harmful territory for the reason that it isn’t the norm and usually unattainable for most people today juggling fast paced lifestyles, and so they may possibly only ever experience unfortunate and inadequate when they consider to incorporate wellness into their way of life. 

It’s not just the force of foremost an active, healthful lifestyle that can be harmful to in general wellness but nourishment can also have a unfavorable affect.  


Jordan Storey, a nutritionist and private trainer, defined: ‘Wellness craze “clean taking in” – bland hen and broccoli kind coaching diet regime focusing on foods as fuel can shift our notion of feeding on as a single of life’s pleasures to seeing it as a chore or with guilt.’ 

Jordan, who was a former bodybuilding, explained how he has trailed several diet plans in his 15 several years of encounter. 

He discussed: ‘People are inclined to drop out of adore with foodstuff effortlessly and even create a damaging experience in the direction of the food items they consume, which can effect their psychological wellbeing.’ 

Jordan discovered that people could be missing out on the important vitamins that their bodies require if they are adhering to wellness developments. 

In addition, by feeding on what you feel you are supposed to try to eat requires the enjoyment out of food stuff.  

He mentioned: ‘My estimate “Incorporate really like again into your foods” merely which means you ought to get pleasure from the food items you are cooking and eating, and not only will your overall body thank you for it but your full mentality will alter as well.’

4. Large PROTEIN Snacks…ARE PACKED Comprehensive OF SUGAR 

In addition, wellness food stuff tendencies such as ‘high protein snacks’ are all about social media. 

These can include substantial protein yoghurts, puddings and drinks proclaiming to be packed with protein and small calorie. 

However Jordan described how they are typically higher in sugar and so will spike insulin levels. 

In addition, the protein material they use isn’t going to normally appear from a entire total protein resource these kinds of as milk protein. 

He claimed: ‘Can I also just take note at the time you spike your insulin amounts they do have to appear again down which then they will crash leaving you wanting even extra sugar to assistance stable your blood sugars. 

‘I am not stating to keep away from these entirely as that wouldn’t be a healthful life-style.

‘I do feel in the 80/20 life style rule…however if you do crave some thing sweet you may possibly as well just get pleasure from your favorite chocolate bar than go for these. 

‘The significant protein is surely applied in the title to make you obtain these items. 

‘A burger from McDonalds is a great deal higher in protein than these puddings but they do not assert its a significant protein burger.’